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Why You Should Change Your Hair Style

Your hair is the crown you never take off, the best accessory you wear everyday, the epicenter of your external beauty people notice.

We change our clothes everyday. We adjust the style we wear with the event we are attending, if it’s a Netflix & Chill kind of day or if it’s a take on the town with the girls kind of night.

We don’t eat boiled chicken everyday. If we want spice, we order tacos (and margaritas.) If we want sweet, heck yes, we order cheesecake smothered in chocolate or berries or both.

When we are in a hair funk and feeling less than glorious with our mop, what should we do? CHANGE!

Hair was never meant to be static. Hair is hair that can be an array of colors, molded into numerous styles, and cut into sculptural masterpieces.

Investigate why and how your hair exudes beauty. How do you feel? Who even are you?

Change is good.

How many times have you changed your hair? Me? God, more times than I can count. I have been literally every color under the sun. I have had long, get stuck in my armpit hair and I have had pixie, shave the back of my head hair. I’ve styled it vintage, boho, rocker, & lazy. I mean I am a hairstylist so I may be bias. But, I love change.

According to a U.K. Study, a woman can change their hairstyle up to 104 times. Shit, even I am slacking (maybe). The study also found that women change their hair color at the very least 3 times and their cut on average twice a year.

But why do we have the burning desire to change our hair? And so often.

The ideal answer would be that we change to discover are uniquely true beautiful self. We finally find that perfect color, stunning length, and adorable style that accentuates all our best assets. I mean that’s the dream right? But when you find it, do you keep it forever and ever and never let it go?


You change. Your life changes. Your body, face, & look change. And your hair follows foot. What was perfect then isn’t now. Hence why some of us change it a buttload of times. That edgy haircut your 18 year old rebel self may not be perfect for your now blank age we won’t discuss. The long, luxurious locks may be too difficult to tame with your now busy lifestyle.

Who you were yesterday is not who you are today. Who you are today will not be who you are tomorrow. So embrace change baby.

Word of caution though. Emotional changes need to be carefully thought out. Don’t go wacking off your locks because the d-bag broke up with you. Don’t go turning your platinum to black because you lost your job, your dog died, or your last friend had a baby and your about to be the old lady in the shoe with umpteen cats. Stop. Breathe. Think about it first. Don’t be going jumping out this hairstyle change plane without a parachute. Lucky for you, if you got a fantastic hairstylist, she’s flying tandem with you.

Life isn’t easy. (If you read my blogs, your probably like yea this poor girl got it real good this year.)

We all encounter conflicts, trials, & devastations. Sometimes, life just falls flat.

All those shitty, life-sucking events can drain out confidence. Once that pond is dried up, you kind of want to curl up with one of those umpteen cats with a pint (maybe 2) of Ben & Jerry’s, and go on strike from the adult world.

I get it.

We need a swift kick in the ass from the confidence boot. What better way than to book an appointment at a decadent salon (preferably mine… cough cough… Live Salon) and pamper your damn self. It is almost impossible to not walk out of there doing hair flips and feeling yourself.

Not only will you and your hair feel banging but you will more than likely receive a bazillion compliments from friends, family, and the lady behind you at Walmart.

A new ‘do can completely transform your image. Sometimes we just need to shed our skin and develop new. We change our jobs, we move, we redecorate our homes, we wear heels and we wear sneaks. Who wants to wear the same hairstyle we wore in our 4th grade pictures for the rest of our life? I sure as hell don’t. (Those pictures are hidden forever.)

“A women who changes her hair is about to change her life.” -Coco Chanel

Well said, Coco.

There are times we want to look sophisticated, sexy, professional, edgy, or gym-like. We wouldn’t go to an interview for a Fortune 500 company with a pink Mohawk nor would we go on a date with a hot man with a headband and sweaty bun. We transform when times call.

Needless to say, a new haircut is cheaper than redoing your kitchen or continuing to have that new car smell.

It is cheaper than botox. A new color or cut or even a minor style change can cut years off your looks.

Just because you are 60 does not mean you need to lop off your locks and go au naturel. That’s BS. Seeing an experienced stylist that can offer you advice on what would bring out the spring chicken in you would be a wise decision.

Life changing.

No seriously, a new ‘do can be life changing. Don’t laugh. It’s true.

At times we use our hair as our security blanket or body armor. We cling to it even when it doesn’t suit our truest self because it’s all we know. We don’t eat tomatoes because our parents hated tomatoes, but tomatoes are flipping delicious vegetables or fruits or whatever they are calling themselves these days.

Our attitude, personality, and inner beauty are all inextricably connected to our external style and ultimately our hair. Think of how badass, beautiful, and chatty you feel when you leave the salon and your appointment landed on your work’s holiday party compared to slinking into Walmart when you ran out of tampons in your jammies hoping you see like zero people you know.

I’ve seen grander stories happen- the shy girl who hid behind bangs and glasses suddenly walk around like her shit don’t stank because she went all platinum blonde ombré with her bad self or the 60 year old cancer survivor who wore ball caps and pony tails to cover the grey and thinness look in the mirror crying with her new brunette pixie not believing that she could look so beautiful again.

It happened. I saw it. And a simple hairstyle change can move mountains for you too.

How could you not want to wrestle in your own confidence, passion, or badassery? Do you not want to feel sexy, powerful, or perfectly feminine? To receive that unbelievable energy from a new hairstyle you have been dying to try is exhilarating.

Change your hair. Change you. Change the world.

Happy Transforming!

The Bobby Pin… You’re Doing It Wrong

If a woman leaves bobby pins, she is marking her territory.


I have been a hair stylist for almost 10 years and when I saw this I was like “hot damn!”

The groves of the bobby pin assist in holding the hair in place. When the flat side is against your head, it can more easily slide down. It has been life-changing since I came across this little gem of a tip.

So, now let’s take it to the next level!

Bobby pins are smooth metal. To give them extra grip spray them with dry shampoo or a light hairspray and BINGO! Those babies aren’t going anywhere.


Let’s lock and load them. To effectively hold twists and braids, follow the picture above. The bobby pin is almost completely hidden and it holds much better. With this tip, you can easily achieve so many different styles.

Now, if you are anything like me, bobby pins seem to migrate into places in my house where they seem to be lost and gone forever. Store bobby pins in tic-tac containers. Keep one by your bedside, in your vanity, and shoot, put one in your purse for hair emergencies or midday transformations. Plus, we’re repurposing what would normally be trash. Go green, baby!


These tricks are game changers! Honestly, I just made your life 10 times better! And remember, practice makes perfect! It will definitely take a minute to change your way, but pretty soon you will be yelling at your friends, “You’re doing it wrong!”


Happy Pinning!

Here’s One For the Guys


Guys these days have taken on a new-found flare for their hair. Ladies, aren’t we excited? This is what happens when we take away their soap-on-a-rope. Plus, here is us girls potioning and lotioning, why shouldn’t they? Maybe they want to be the candy on our arm. I, personally, am okay with that. So grab your man and make him read this. Here, I will explain what hair products he should be using.


Let us start in the shower.

There are several shampoos, conditioners, and 2-in-1s that a specifically geared towards men. They have a fabulous masculine smell. However, you are not limited to just those. I would steer clear of any overly floral or fruity smells. Stick with a fresh, clean smell.

Short fine hair, use a normal, daily shampoo like Redken Go Clean. There is no need to use a conditioner. This will only make the follicles of your hair fall together and it won’t be easily styled.

Short coarse hair, try a 2-in-1 such as Redken Clean Spice. A 2-in-1 will add the needed hydration to keep it from feeling brittle, dry, or fuzzy.

If you have thin or thinning hair, use a bodifying shampoo. This will add girth to the hair shaft to give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Purchase a product like Redken Full Impact Shampoo.

Those of you with beautiful curls, use a shampoo and conditioner designated for those lovely locks. Redken Curvaceous has a unisex smell, won’t weigh your curls down, and will define them. Use both the shampoo and conditioner. It is lightweight enough for all hair types. Curls need extra moisture to keep them tame and frizz free.

Medium length and long hair should use both a shampoo and conditioner separately. You may not need to condition everyday if you have an oily texture, once to twice a week may suffice. Use a conditioner like Redken Finish Up in conjunction with the proper shampoo.

Do you have dandruff? Try a shampoo and/ or conditioner that is cooling to the scalp. Tea tree and mint will help calm the scalp and it smells amazing. Give Redken Invigorating Mint Clean Shampoo and Redken Invigorating Mint Conditioner.

Those of you who are product lovers and have build up, use an extra cleansing shampoo. Redken Clean Brew is a strong cleansing shampoo that can still be used daily. And guess what? It is hops base. Who doesn’t like anything that has to do with beer?

Next, lets style.

For those of you with medium to longer length, you will have to use a product before drying. A smoothing milk will be lightweight enough to not way it down but still tame the strays. Redken Align has a unisex smell that can be used on gentlemen as well as women. My curly head men, use a light weight curl defining lotion. Redken Curvaceous Ringlet will leave a product-less feel while springing your curls to life.

After hair is dry. Use the correct finishing product to define your style. There are countless products on the market, even just solely in the Redken world. Let me break them down for you.

Cream/Lotion- Flexible to moderate hold. Light weight, controls frizz. Great for all hair types (Redken Dishevel, Redken Get Groomed)

Gel- Stiff hold. Gives wet, shiny look. Do not use on thin or thinning hair. (Redken Grip Tight, Redken Stand Tough)

Pomade- Semi-solid product. Can define the messy look or hold more set styles. Varies in stiffness and shine. Thin to thinning hair should avoid. (Redken Polish Up)

Wax- Fairly solid. Controls and holds. Great for spiking. Can come in different formats such as a cream or spray as well as solid. Not for medium to long hair. (Redken High Up, Redken Maneuver)

Paste/ Putty- Soft variation of a gel or wax. Too heavy for fine, thin hair. Create a light gloss or shine. (Redken Work Hard)

Mud/Clay- Soft, fiber base. Can be used on all hair tips. Matte Finish. (Redken Outplay, Redken Firm Grasp)

Remember a little goes a long way. Apply product to finger tips and rub together before applying to the hair. Define your strands with your fingers to create spikes or a tousled look. Use a fine tooth comb to achieve a more sleek look. My curly hair dudes, keep your fingers out of your hair. The more you touch it, the more undefined and frizzy your curls can become.


Talk to your stylist about what product would be the best fit for you. And remember to support your salon.

Note: Products are not guaranteed unless purchased from professional salons.