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Why You Should Change Your Hair Style

Your hair is the crown you never take off, the best accessory you wear everyday, the epicenter of your external beauty people notice.

We change our clothes everyday. We adjust the style we wear with the event we are attending, if it’s a Netflix & Chill kind of day or if it’s a take on the town with the girls kind of night.

We don’t eat boiled chicken everyday. If we want spice, we order tacos (and margaritas.) If we want sweet, heck yes, we order cheesecake smothered in chocolate or berries or both.

When we are in a hair funk and feeling less than glorious with our mop, what should we do? CHANGE!

Hair was never meant to be static. Hair is hair that can be an array of colors, molded into numerous styles, and cut into sculptural masterpieces.

Investigate why and how your hair exudes beauty. How do you feel? Who even are you?

Change is good.

How many times have you changed your hair? Me? God, more times than I can count. I have been literally every color under the sun. I have had long, get stuck in my armpit hair and I have had pixie, shave the back of my head hair. I’ve styled it vintage, boho, rocker, & lazy. I mean I am a hairstylist so I may be bias. But, I love change.

According to a U.K. Study, a woman can change their hairstyle up to 104 times. Shit, even I am slacking (maybe). The study also found that women change their hair color at the very least 3 times and their cut on average twice a year.

But why do we have the burning desire to change our hair? And so often.

The ideal answer would be that we change to discover are uniquely true beautiful self. We finally find that perfect color, stunning length, and adorable style that accentuates all our best assets. I mean that’s the dream right? But when you find it, do you keep it forever and ever and never let it go?


You change. Your life changes. Your body, face, & look change. And your hair follows foot. What was perfect then isn’t now. Hence why some of us change it a buttload of times. That edgy haircut your 18 year old rebel self may not be perfect for your now blank age we won’t discuss. The long, luxurious locks may be too difficult to tame with your now busy lifestyle.

Who you were yesterday is not who you are today. Who you are today will not be who you are tomorrow. So embrace change baby.

Word of caution though. Emotional changes need to be carefully thought out. Don’t go wacking off your locks because the d-bag broke up with you. Don’t go turning your platinum to black because you lost your job, your dog died, or your last friend had a baby and your about to be the old lady in the shoe with umpteen cats. Stop. Breathe. Think about it first. Don’t be going jumping out this hairstyle change plane without a parachute. Lucky for you, if you got a fantastic hairstylist, she’s flying tandem with you.

Life isn’t easy. (If you read my blogs, your probably like yea this poor girl got it real good this year.)

We all encounter conflicts, trials, & devastations. Sometimes, life just falls flat.

All those shitty, life-sucking events can drain out confidence. Once that pond is dried up, you kind of want to curl up with one of those umpteen cats with a pint (maybe 2) of Ben & Jerry’s, and go on strike from the adult world.

I get it.

We need a swift kick in the ass from the confidence boot. What better way than to book an appointment at a decadent salon (preferably mine… cough cough… Live Salon) and pamper your damn self. It is almost impossible to not walk out of there doing hair flips and feeling yourself.

Not only will you and your hair feel banging but you will more than likely receive a bazillion compliments from friends, family, and the lady behind you at Walmart.

A new ‘do can completely transform your image. Sometimes we just need to shed our skin and develop new. We change our jobs, we move, we redecorate our homes, we wear heels and we wear sneaks. Who wants to wear the same hairstyle we wore in our 4th grade pictures for the rest of our life? I sure as hell don’t. (Those pictures are hidden forever.)

“A women who changes her hair is about to change her life.” -Coco Chanel

Well said, Coco.

There are times we want to look sophisticated, sexy, professional, edgy, or gym-like. We wouldn’t go to an interview for a Fortune 500 company with a pink Mohawk nor would we go on a date with a hot man with a headband and sweaty bun. We transform when times call.

Needless to say, a new haircut is cheaper than redoing your kitchen or continuing to have that new car smell.

It is cheaper than botox. A new color or cut or even a minor style change can cut years off your looks.

Just because you are 60 does not mean you need to lop off your locks and go au naturel. That’s BS. Seeing an experienced stylist that can offer you advice on what would bring out the spring chicken in you would be a wise decision.

Life changing.

No seriously, a new ‘do can be life changing. Don’t laugh. It’s true.

At times we use our hair as our security blanket or body armor. We cling to it even when it doesn’t suit our truest self because it’s all we know. We don’t eat tomatoes because our parents hated tomatoes, but tomatoes are flipping delicious vegetables or fruits or whatever they are calling themselves these days.

Our attitude, personality, and inner beauty are all inextricably connected to our external style and ultimately our hair. Think of how badass, beautiful, and chatty you feel when you leave the salon and your appointment landed on your work’s holiday party compared to slinking into Walmart when you ran out of tampons in your jammies hoping you see like zero people you know.

I’ve seen grander stories happen- the shy girl who hid behind bangs and glasses suddenly walk around like her shit don’t stank because she went all platinum blonde ombré with her bad self or the 60 year old cancer survivor who wore ball caps and pony tails to cover the grey and thinness look in the mirror crying with her new brunette pixie not believing that she could look so beautiful again.

It happened. I saw it. And a simple hairstyle change can move mountains for you too.

How could you not want to wrestle in your own confidence, passion, or badassery? Do you not want to feel sexy, powerful, or perfectly feminine? To receive that unbelievable energy from a new hairstyle you have been dying to try is exhilarating.

Change your hair. Change you. Change the world.

Happy Transforming!


I had to share this with all of my readers, no the world. I am insanely proud to share this. 
A beautiful friend, coworker, and fellow blogger has written the most heartfelt blog. 

Reflections (From the SB Blog)
Now that you have wiped the tears and snot pouring from your nose, let’s make 2017 beautiful! Spread some love! Take care of you! Make the world a better place! Look at your reflection and say… DAMN! I got this! I rock! I kickass! And my life is beautiful! 

Happy 2017 My Lovelies! 

Things Your Stylist Wants You to Know & Understand … Elaborated

This was one of my first blogs I wrote for this website. I am sharing the Original Posting to elaborate and further stress some aspects so that you, as a client, can better understand.1. We love when you bring in photos, BUT only when they are realistic. When looking at hair inspiration, keep in mind what is feasible. Does the model have the same hair type, meaning is it fine or thick? If you have finer hair, we cannot make you look like Kim Kardashian without having to actually add hair to your head. Color is a whole other animal. If you have continually dyed your hair dark, those light blonde ombres are not an easy task. Lightener has to eat through all those layers of color and may require several appointments. Keep realistic expectations when bringing in photos to your stylist. We are beauticians not magicians.

  • Elaboration: A good stylist will have a proper consultation and will be honest of what it will take to achieve your desired look or if it is even possible due to certain factors such as hair type, lifestyle, previous chemical services, and/or integrity of your hair. If we fully discuss the possible outcomes and you still decide to go through service, that decision was yours and yours only. Please do not punish the stylist if they didn’t create miracles. 

2. There is no such thing as a “wash and wear” hairstyle. We can definitely achieve a low maintenance look, however, no maintenance is impossible. All hairstyles require some sort of product and finagling whether it be just combing or a little fluffing.

  • Elaboration: Again, one should know this already after a proper consultation and reminded during the finishing time. 

3. Count how many products we use. So many people say, “I can’t do anything with my hair” and when we ask what kind of products you use and you say, “none”, that is why. You will never be able to recreate the same look nor feel if you aren’t using products. And take this for an example, how many black heels do you own? Not all black shoes go with the same outfit. This means you may need a few “wardrobes” of hair products for different looks.

  • Elaboration: Home care is of the upmost importance. You visit the doctor when you are sick. Do you only go to the appointment and not pick up the prescription? So not only are hair products important to style your hair correctly for the desired look, but it is the “medicine” for your hair. If you color your hair, use any heat, or if your head sees any sort of light of day, YOUR HAIR NEEDS MEDICINE IN THE FORM OF HAIR PRODUCTS. If you choose not to, we cannot be held accountable for the failing integrity of your hair, fading of color, or any other unwanted hair problems.

4. Do not change your color drastically too frequent. You hair is not a cat. It does not have 9 lives.

  • Elaboration: If you choose to do this, note that there are several factors that should be considered. With a proper consultation, you will be made well aware of the process this will take, the possible outcomes, and the take-home hair care that will be required. (Please refer to my previous blog Bleach… The Good… The Bad… And Oh-So Pretty. Do not past go nor collect $100 dollars without reading that. Listen, we are professionals and we use our best judgement on what is not only feasible but what is SAFE for your hair. 

5. For color appointments please come with clean, dry hair. Color is more easily absorbed when it doesn’t have gunk and buildup to get through. And if we have to blow dry you before your color, we will charge you more for the added time and effort on our part.

6. If we tell you “no” or that will fry your hair, listen to us. You are our walking advertisements, we obviously do not want you advertising frazzled hair. Trust us, we are only looking out for the integrity of your hair. However, if you must proceed, please budget for a deep conditioner. You will need it.

  • Elaboration: Please do not act surprised or be upset if a process takes a little longer than expected. We cannot predict the future. Do not blame us for unwanted outcomes if you were not fully honest with us. A stylist/ client relationship is just like any other relationship. It is built on trust and communication. Think of how upset you get at your significant other for “not listening”. Now what if they blamed you for them not listening? That would be pretty crappy. You put trust into your stylist just as I trust in my clients to listen to my opinions and suggestions. We trust one another based on communication. Now some of the stuff your stylist may tell you might not exactly be what you want to hear just like our significant others don’t want to hear half the things we say, however, we are professionals and what we say really does matter.

7. Do not blame us for giving you what you wanted. If you asked to go platinum blonde then realized you look much better as a brunette, we have to charge you. If you hate your new bangs, please don’t hate us. We only want to make you happy and beautiful. We live to please.

  • Elaboration: The bang thing is a killer. If you want them and get them and hate them, not our fault. Period. Enough said.

8. Split ends cannot be mended. Hair products cannot fuse hair together. There are products that will calm and smooth the fuzz, but the only thing that will get rid of split ends is a trim. 

  • Elaboration: Get a trim more than once a year people. If you wonder why your hair does not grow, it’s because it’s breaking off. Your hair grows from the root in the scalp and unless you have alopecia (balding), your hair grows. If it’s crispy at ends, it’ll snap like a toothpick. Even if it is a dusting of the ends, do it. I hate hair cuts too but also hate the Gyno. I still have to go.

9. Salon products are better than Walmart’s and even though they may seem more costly, buy them. Why? Chemists. High end brands pay high-end bucks to chemists to create our luxurious products. Pantene, Pert, and Prauve are just cheap knockoffs with cheap ingredients. 

  • Elaboration: Please refer to my previous blogs: #1 Hair Rule to fully understand why drugstore products are bad, bad, BAD! & What is Diversion? to find out why buying even professional name brand products from drugstores is the worst of the worst of hair sins.

10. Bleach is not as scary as you think. Many clients are terrified of bleach due to its so-called damaging effects. Bleach is only damaging when overlapped. Be honest with your hairstylist if you have had highlights or lightener in the past, even if you are brunette now. If your is long and you had highlights even two years ago, the lightener still lives on your ends.

  • Elaboration: I should have stated that there are several factors that compromise the integrity of your hair when using bleach and may result in some not-so-awesome results. Heat damage, box color, medication, previous chemical services even years ago may affect the outcome. Again, please be honest. Believe me, we will know and soon you will be reminded of the dishonestly. I want to give you an example: A client tells her stylist that she has no color in her hair. The stylist performs a highlight service. Once pulling out the client’s foils, she notices 2 inches of blonde then to her surprise 4 inches of red. Hmmmmmmm, obviously the last 4 inches had to of been previously colored and colored dark or red. And if that hair is gummy, then guarenteed boxed “devil” color was used. Now who are you going to be mad at? This circumstance also happens when purposely lifting dark previously colored hair. This is when toning comes into play. Blonde will not be achievable. But a pretty color will be atleast until the next visit. Be patient (and kind) my friend. We can only do so much without a magic wand.

11. We hate no-shows. If you need to reschedule an appointment or just cannot come in, please call us. We are not going to yell at you and this gives us the opportunity to fill your spot. Many of us work on commission. Without a booty in our chair we have no paycheck.

  • Elaboration: Please don’t stand us up. You are our hot date for the time of the visit. We love you, we want to spend time with you, we want to serve you, we get sad if we don’t get to. And if you are going to be late, give us a heads up and be courteous of our other guests with scheduled appointments. 

12. We would rather fix our mistake than you go elsewhere. You are not going to offend us if you are unhappy with something. Again, we live to please. We want you to be happy. It is devastating to us emotionally and financially when you go around talking about how unhappy you are with us and our work. Please let us know. We can only grow from our mistakes and if we don’t know, we can’t fix it.

  • Elaboration: We will refund your money when we see fit or if we just don’t want to argue. Sometimes it is easier to let go of a situation then it is to stew over it. Our time is money. Time spent arguing over miscommunication or mis-listening is time we can be spending either fixing you or serving other guests. No disrespect. But if we can’t make you happy after all our attempts maybe the relationship is just not meant to be.

13. Do realize we paid a lot of money for our education and we ARE educated professionals. I promise you, we kind of know what we are talking about. We will have a proper consultation with you and we understand that you are some smart cookies but we are the ones who have been trained.

  • Elaboration: I know you are fervently searching hair on Google, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. I know you have been getting your hair professionally done for umpteen years. And I know you have probably experimented on your own. And I know your mother’s friend’s sister’s cousin in-law has done hair for 40 years. And I do not doubt that you have probably picked up a few snippets of information. But please, please, PLEASE don’t think you know more than than your stylist, at least not in our own profession. We take pride in our acquired education, and further, our continuing education. Please trust the fact that we know what is best for you. We know it. We studied it. We live it, learn it, love it, eat, drink, and breathe it.

14. If we are running behind, please be patient with us. You wouldn’t want us rushing on you to get to our next client. We try our best to give all our guests the same love and attention. If you just stay calm and be patient, we are guaranteed to give you the best customer service.

15. Added because 14 is an odd number to end on and because it’s an important subject to touch on: 

  • Stylist’s prices differentiate from each other based on different factors such as demand of time, education, talent, time in profession, serviced demographic. Most of those are in direct correlation of each other. A high-priced stylist is normally most sought after, continues her education regularly, has put time in her art, and excels not only in technical skills but in people and business skills. A purse may be a purse and a car may be a car. But when you carry or drive high end, do you not notice the difference? 
  • Now I am not saying you aren’t getting proper care from a lower priced stylist. You bet your butt you will, because they want to be high end. They want to be a star. All I am doing is explaining why some stylists may seem so-called “expensive”.

I want to take this time to thank you, my readers, in taking the time to one, read this blog, and two, educating yourselves in all things hair, makeup, essential oils, and life. I am honored to be apart of your adventure and only hope to make a small impact on your lives. And thank you to my clients, you trust me and believe in me. Without you, I would not be able to make giant leaps in my life nor make little footprints in other people’s sand. I only wish to continue my journey in educating and serving those I touch by writing this blog or what I do in the salon. I will continue to live, learn, and earn more because of the love I have for the beauty industry and because of you.

With Love,  Amanda Bossi

Hair & Social Media: The Trickery 

It’s everywhere! Hair is everywhere! Hair photos have taken over the Internet… almost as much as cat videos. 

I know you do it. You sit there and endlessly scroll through the dreamy photos and pin, pin, pin. And I’m sure you whimper, only wishing you could have every one of the colors in the rainbow and think of changing it once a week. 

Guess what? You can’t. Hard to believe. I know. And I hate to be the bubble buster. But someone has to be honest and bring you back down from la-la land. 

Not only that but over half of these photos are photoshopped. It’s the same head! Let me show you…. 

Mind Blown. 

This is why us hairstylists have such issues with these photos. They set unrealistic expectations and somehow we are supposed to have this magic wand to make this stuff happen. Listen, we would love to, however technology hasn’t evolved to the point to allow one to walk around photoshopped in real life. Trust me, I would be walking around cinched and pinched everywhere if that was the case.

Expecting to look exactly like these photos makes for some not good times. Your hairstylist is sweating because your beaming and itching for this mermaid hair. Us hairstylists can only do so much. We can get you close, but it will never be the same. And BAM! All of a sudden, though to no surprise, you are unhappy and now your hairstylist is unhappy and it’s just a recipe for disaster. 

Don’t worry! I was fooled as well for awhile. And then after like the 5th client who wanted rainbow sprinkle hair, I was like, “What the hell is going on?!” I decided to pretend I was the client and started searching the wide world of Pinterest for these hair color photos. And wouldn’t you know…. There were the same damn heads! 

I don’t mind using these photos or my clients bringing them in, but realize they should be inspiration not expectation. Talk with your stylist first to see what is actually achievable.

And please find real time photos of a specific stylist’s work. Most have albums on their personal or salon social media pages or look on the salon’s website. What have they been able to achieve? 

Below is some of my personal work that can easily be found on social media. These are unphotoshopped and I normally post almost immediately after they leave the salon. 

Disclaimer: Nothing is guaranteed in one visit. Please discuss with a stylist a game plan to achieve your desired look. And be prepared financially. Multiple services and visits will cost more. Also, if you have been dying your hair with black box color, either forget it or don’t expect it completed for like a year. 

What are your thoughts? Have you been fooled? Go ahead! Get on the Internet and look up tutorials on how to photoshop your hair color. Again… Mind Blown.

Happy Hair Coloring….. Realistically! 

What is Diversion? 

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you are not alone.9 out of 10 consumers do not know what diversion is. 

But, unfortunately, you HAVE witnessed it and may also be fueling the grey-market of hair care.


Diversion occurs when products are sold in “unauthorized” places. Genuine Professional, Salon-Quality products are sold only in authorized salons, spas or authorized manufacturer/salon-related websites. Products are diverted by unauthorized distributors and other dishonest individuals who see profit in piracy. 

Yup, those Walmart, TJ Maxx, and Amazon products that you are supposively saving your money on, are diverted. 


Any Mass Retailer

Any Mass Discount Store
Grocery Store
Online Purchase Besides Direct Manufacturer 
Products Website Besides Authorized Distributor

Why are these products BAD? 

Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use. You could be in great danger. Contaminated or counterfeit products could cause irritation or even infection. Also, the fabulous effects that professional companies pride themselves on will not be received by the consumer. 

Please purchase all hair products from salons and spas that can offer you the best service and product recommendations for your hair. Only products purchased in a salon or spa or authorized retailers are guaranteed to perform to their standards. 

Remember, on the back of the PROFESSIONAL product, it states:

“Guaranteed only when purchased at a professional salon.”

Please read my past blog #1 Hair Rule to further your education on why drugstore products are bad. 

Thankfully, the beauty industry is fighting back. Redken and Pureology have launched an aggressive anti-diversion campaign, hiring a former FBI agent to oversee the program. They began tracking the movement of products using specialized coding on the bottles of products. They have found the coding being removed, entire new labels being placed over generic brand bottles as a disguise, and even found some diverted products to “contain high levels of bacteria”. 

Please check out this Consumer Affairs investigation.

The next step is YOU. Until the courts deem this practice illegal, you have to protect yourself and become informed. Educate yourself and become even thesmallest  figure in the Anti-Diversion Movement, not only foryour health, your peace of mind, but your bank account’s sake. I encourage you to buy products directly from your salon stylist.

Thank you for supporting your salon and spa community. 

Happy Anti-Diverting! 

Bleach… The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Oh-So-Pretty 

We have all heard people’s horror stories about “bleaching” hair. But, have we ever stopped and thought about exactly what was behind the horror in these stories?For instance, who or what was the one behind the “bleaching” , or were they actually educated in the results that could be achieved. And believe me, those are only a 2 of many questions that should be running through one’s mind. 

First, let us stop using the word bleach. In the professional world, we use the term lightener. So from here on out in this blog, I will be referring to this “bleach” thing as lightener. 

Now, let us educate ourselves as to what lightener is, how it works, and why it is needed.

Powder Lightener is mixed with hydrogen peroxide, activating it and creating an oxidizing environment when applied to hair. The oxidation acts on the pigment already present in your hair to disperse it and lightens the hair color. It is much easier to lighten “virgin,” or never-have-been-colored hair, than it is previously colored hair, especially box colored hair. 

Rule #1: Color Does Not Lift Color. Meaning, if you have previously colored hair and wish to go lighter, lightener must be used. 

The concentration of peroxide used is the major factor that determines the strength of the penetration and lift. 

If you are going to lighten your hair, an understanding of hair depth and underlying pigments will lead to better results and allow you to understand what can actually be realistic in the results. 

There is a level system that determines the darkness or lightness of the hair. Black being a level 1 then going the whole way down to level 10, pastel blonde which is the closest to white. In addition to all colors’ levels or depth, all hair colors have an underlying base pigment that contributes. In blonde hair, this base pigment is anything from pale yellow to golden orange. Black hair has a deep, dark red base. When you lighten your hair, the color is stripped away to reveal this base pigment. You can then estimate how much lightening has occurred by looking at the underlying pigment color you have arrived at. 

Now, why should one receive lightening services by a professional (besides the obvious)? First, please refer to my past blog Say No to the Box if you are even considering buying your own. JUST SAY NO! And secondandly, do your research on even a professional stylist’s work. Do it right the first time and you will save yourself from the horror… And an empty wallet. You think you have saved money until you have to undergo a huge color correction.

Rule #2: Be Honest! Confess your sins. You may think that a fun splash of Manic Panic several months ago won’t affect your coloring because the semi-permanent formula is all washed out. But believe me when I tell you that nothing will resurrect that Bad Boy Blue or Hot Stinkin’ Pink like the introduction of bleach. And even if you had dark hair color on your hair 10 years ago, but you haven’t had a haircut since then, that color at the ends will come rearing its ugly head.

Lightener, at most, can lift 7 levels. Normally, to lift an entire 7 levels takes the almost-always-rare, perfect environment. For example, Suzy Q is a natural dirty blonde, putting her at a level 7. And when I say natural, she’s the unicorn that has never colored her hair in her life. She only has to be lifted 2 levels to become a platinum blonde. Now, Jane has box colored her hair black for 10 years and now wants Suzy Q’s newly fabulous platinum hair. Jane is a level 1. Even in the best of circumstances, one can only lift Jane to about a level 8 and even that is a Hail Mary Pass. Jane has layers upon layers upon layers of hair color that the lightener has to penetrate or eat through. More realistically, Jane walks out with a gorgeous mahogany and scheduled her next lightening appointment for two weeks later. 

I am not saying that the platinum blonde, silver, or unicorn-colored hair looks you have seen on your social media feeds or Pinterest are unachievable, but believe you me, it takes great pains to achieve that color. That goes for all the offshoot color trends too — opal, metallic, and rose gold as well. It is a long road to dreamscape shades. That road will have you clearing your schedule the day of your hair coloring appointment for a double-process and even multiple appointments. Patience is a virtue. 

Lightener isn’t as scary as one may think, once you are educated. It can cause some serious issues that should be rather rare but of course uneducated or over zellous people make these horror stories happen more often that one would like. 

We hear the word “fried” a whole heck of a lot when discussing going lighter. Lightener blows open the cuticle or the outer layer of the hair when it penetrates the hair shaft also robbing it of its moisture and proteins. When you do lightening services with professional products and with an elite professional doing the task, damage can be limited to little or none. Professional powder lighteners are formulated with conditioners to eliminate or decrease the chances of damage. A professional stylist will also be able to determine the percent of developer used as well as the processing time of the product. Whether or not your hair has damage after the lightening service, it is essential to “feed” your hair with protein to revive its strength. Think of it as Gatorade after a Hair Workout. A conditioning treatment and take-home products are not optional but essential and a requirement.

My absolute favorite product line on the market is Pureology Strength Cure. 97% of people using this magic product have noticed stronger hair in just one use. Honest to Pete, this stuff is a Godsend. 

Another horrific term we also hear when so-called “bleaching” hair, is “gummy” or hair that is so over-processed that it feels like mush or ABC gum. When we constantly overlap lightener on top of previously lightened hair, it becomes so weak, nearly to the point of no return. This is why slow and steady wins the race. One must have intense patience with lightener. 

There is the shiny brand new savior product called Olaplex that allows us to push the envelope a little farther while protecting the integrity of the hair. Make sure you ask your highly skilled service provider about upgrading your lightening service to add in Olaplex. A common misconception about Olaplex is that it does all the work. On the contrary, Olaplex is added into the powder lightener and peroxide mixture. And then a second treatment is done before toning. This 2-step process is essentially insurance for your hair.

Rule #3: Your Stylist is Doing You Know Justice NOT Toning. Let’s discuss…

We as stylist spend countless hours and not to mention money learning Basic Colot Theory. So why isn’t everyone utilizing the information we have received is a question I will never have the answer to. Thousands of clients are leaving salons looking more like Garfield than they are like Elsa or like a lightening bug zapped by one of those bug zapping things. It’s sad and is an injustice to those stylists who pride themselves in their quality of work. 

After a lightening service, we have come to the underlying pigment color. Normally, 9 times out of 10, is it not a pretty tone nor is it desired by you or our clients. So this brings us to the Basic Color Wheel and essentially the Holy Book of Basic Color Theory. 

Let’s go back to Suzy Q and Jane. 

We were able to lift Suzy Q to a level 10, palest blonde. However, at a level 10, the underlying tone is yellow. Suzy Q wants to be a cool white blonde. To neutralize the yellow, one must use a pale violet toner. The toner is let on until desired tone is reached. 

Now, poor Jane on the other hand, requires a little more love, attention, and brainpower. We were able to get Jane miracously to a level 6, revealing an orange-red undertone. But of course, she had 2 inches of regrowth that had never been colored and lifted farther down the scale to a level 9. Some stylists would let Jane walk out the door with a plethora of randomn, not to mention yucky colors in her hair. And heaven forbid you did this yourself! A well-educated stylist would tone out the orange-red with a blue-green to neutralize and then tone the lighter regrowth with the correct color to match. 

Toners not only counteract the unwanted tones, but they also seal and condition the cuticle of the hair. Think of toners as the top coat over nail polish. 

Rule #5: Condition and Take Home 

I cannot stress this enough! If you are not doing or receiving conditioning treatments nor using high end professional grade take home products in conjunction with the treatments, you can say “buh-bye” to that gorgeous color you just spend countless hours and pennies on, and you can definitely say “see ya later” to the integrity of it. 

Please refer to my past blog What Your Stylist Wants You to Know and Understand to better understand when I say buying Drugstore Products is a Big NO Go. 

But what why does my hair turn golden, brassy, even straight up orange? Again, refer to my previous blog The Dreaded Brass

So before this blog becomes a whole damn book, let us review:

  1. Do Your Research! Please pick a stylist who is beyond reputable and proficiently skilled in lightening services and color corrections. 
  2. Be realistic. Let’s get real here. Please go in to the hair salon with realistic expectations. I am not saying give up on the dream of having silver hair with pastel pink ends, but is that a realistic expectation at first appointment?
  3. Do NOT lie. You cannot blame your stylist for what she did not know. 
  4. We only work as hard as a lightener. Please do not blame the stylist for not being able to take you white from black in an hour and a half. There is only so much we can do. 
  5. Condition. Condition. CONDITION. Spend the extra few dollars for a professional conditioning treatment. Your hair won’t be so angry with you.
  6. You better take home products. Enough said. 

Lightener or “bleach” can lead to beautiful things! It may seem overwhelming or scary even, but don’t get mad when I say this… It’s only scary when you put the gun in the hand of a killer. 

Please feel free to comment below with questions or comments. But besides that…