Why You Should Change Your Hair Style

  Your hair is the crown you never take off, the best accessory you wear everyday, the epicenter of your external beauty people notice. We change our clothes everyday. We adjust the style we wear with the event we are attending, if it's a Netflix & Chill kind of day or if it's a take … Continue reading Why You Should Change Your Hair Style


Change & Show Gratitude 

Change is a scary fn thing. Needless to say, I have had a crap ton of change lately. Enough for a couple people's worth. Mainly, my change in work. Don't worry! I am still doing hair.  When you work somewhere for over 5 years, you eat, sleep, & breathe that place. It becomes you. However, … Continue reading Change & Show Gratitude 


I have learned, especially recently, that it is MOST Important to believe in yourself, count in yourself, and above all else, love yourself. When it comes down to it all, you are your own constant. Friends can come and go. Family can change. Relationships can end. Though, I hope they don't. YOU are a permanent … Continue reading You.