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Why You Should Change Your Hair Style

Your hair is the crown you never take off, the best accessory you wear everyday, the epicenter of your external beauty people notice.

We change our clothes everyday. We adjust the style we wear with the event we are attending, if it’s a Netflix & Chill kind of day or if it’s a take on the town with the girls kind of night.

We don’t eat boiled chicken everyday. If we want spice, we order tacos (and margaritas.) If we want sweet, heck yes, we order cheesecake smothered in chocolate or berries or both.

When we are in a hair funk and feeling less than glorious with our mop, what should we do? CHANGE!

Hair was never meant to be static. Hair is hair that can be an array of colors, molded into numerous styles, and cut into sculptural masterpieces.

Investigate why and how your hair exudes beauty. How do you feel? Who even are you?

Change is good.

How many times have you changed your hair? Me? God, more times than I can count. I have been literally every color under the sun. I have had long, get stuck in my armpit hair and I have had pixie, shave the back of my head hair. I’ve styled it vintage, boho, rocker, & lazy. I mean I am a hairstylist so I may be bias. But, I love change.

According to a U.K. Study, a woman can change their hairstyle up to 104 times. Shit, even I am slacking (maybe). The study also found that women change their hair color at the very least 3 times and their cut on average twice a year.

But why do we have the burning desire to change our hair? And so often.

The ideal answer would be that we change to discover are uniquely true beautiful self. We finally find that perfect color, stunning length, and adorable style that accentuates all our best assets. I mean that’s the dream right? But when you find it, do you keep it forever and ever and never let it go?


You change. Your life changes. Your body, face, & look change. And your hair follows foot. What was perfect then isn’t now. Hence why some of us change it a buttload of times. That edgy haircut your 18 year old rebel self may not be perfect for your now blank age we won’t discuss. The long, luxurious locks may be too difficult to tame with your now busy lifestyle.

Who you were yesterday is not who you are today. Who you are today will not be who you are tomorrow. So embrace change baby.

Word of caution though. Emotional changes need to be carefully thought out. Don’t go wacking off your locks because the d-bag broke up with you. Don’t go turning your platinum to black because you lost your job, your dog died, or your last friend had a baby and your about to be the old lady in the shoe with umpteen cats. Stop. Breathe. Think about it first. Don’t be going jumping out this hairstyle change plane without a parachute. Lucky for you, if you got a fantastic hairstylist, she’s flying tandem with you.

Life isn’t easy. (If you read my blogs, your probably like yea this poor girl got it real good this year.)

We all encounter conflicts, trials, & devastations. Sometimes, life just falls flat.

All those shitty, life-sucking events can drain out confidence. Once that pond is dried up, you kind of want to curl up with one of those umpteen cats with a pint (maybe 2) of Ben & Jerry’s, and go on strike from the adult world.

I get it.

We need a swift kick in the ass from the confidence boot. What better way than to book an appointment at a decadent salon (preferably mine… cough cough… Live Salon) and pamper your damn self. It is almost impossible to not walk out of there doing hair flips and feeling yourself.

Not only will you and your hair feel banging but you will more than likely receive a bazillion compliments from friends, family, and the lady behind you at Walmart.

A new ‘do can completely transform your image. Sometimes we just need to shed our skin and develop new. We change our jobs, we move, we redecorate our homes, we wear heels and we wear sneaks. Who wants to wear the same hairstyle we wore in our 4th grade pictures for the rest of our life? I sure as hell don’t. (Those pictures are hidden forever.)

“A women who changes her hair is about to change her life.” -Coco Chanel

Well said, Coco.

There are times we want to look sophisticated, sexy, professional, edgy, or gym-like. We wouldn’t go to an interview for a Fortune 500 company with a pink Mohawk nor would we go on a date with a hot man with a headband and sweaty bun. We transform when times call.

Needless to say, a new haircut is cheaper than redoing your kitchen or continuing to have that new car smell.

It is cheaper than botox. A new color or cut or even a minor style change can cut years off your looks.

Just because you are 60 does not mean you need to lop off your locks and go au naturel. That’s BS. Seeing an experienced stylist that can offer you advice on what would bring out the spring chicken in you would be a wise decision.

Life changing.

No seriously, a new ‘do can be life changing. Don’t laugh. It’s true.

At times we use our hair as our security blanket or body armor. We cling to it even when it doesn’t suit our truest self because it’s all we know. We don’t eat tomatoes because our parents hated tomatoes, but tomatoes are flipping delicious vegetables or fruits or whatever they are calling themselves these days.

Our attitude, personality, and inner beauty are all inextricably connected to our external style and ultimately our hair. Think of how badass, beautiful, and chatty you feel when you leave the salon and your appointment landed on your work’s holiday party compared to slinking into Walmart when you ran out of tampons in your jammies hoping you see like zero people you know.

I’ve seen grander stories happen- the shy girl who hid behind bangs and glasses suddenly walk around like her shit don’t stank because she went all platinum blonde ombré with her bad self or the 60 year old cancer survivor who wore ball caps and pony tails to cover the grey and thinness look in the mirror crying with her new brunette pixie not believing that she could look so beautiful again.

It happened. I saw it. And a simple hairstyle change can move mountains for you too.

How could you not want to wrestle in your own confidence, passion, or badassery? Do you not want to feel sexy, powerful, or perfectly feminine? To receive that unbelievable energy from a new hairstyle you have been dying to try is exhilarating.

Change your hair. Change you. Change the world.

Happy Transforming!


I had to share this with all of my readers, no the world. I am insanely proud to share this. 
A beautiful friend, coworker, and fellow blogger has written the most heartfelt blog. 

Reflections (From the SB Blog)
Now that you have wiped the tears and snot pouring from your nose, let’s make 2017 beautiful! Spread some love! Take care of you! Make the world a better place! Look at your reflection and say… DAMN! I got this! I rock! I kickass! And my life is beautiful! 

Happy 2017 My Lovelies! 

…These are a few of my favorite things. 

I have been writing this blog for some time now. For those of you who have been following me, you know I am partial to a few product lines: 

  • Redken
  • Pureology 
  • Young Living

I stand beside these brands because I believe in them. They are tested, tried, and true. I start, make it through, and end my day with them. Not only are these staples in my daily routine, but they have been God-sends and miracle workers. 

I’d like to share a few of my favorite things… 


This has been a life saver for my poor bleached, over styled hair. Think of this as a “Doctor in a Bottle”. It improves your hair by 97% in just 1 use when you use just 3 of the products: Shampoo, Conditioner, & Split End Salve. You can up the protection and healing by adding the Fabulous Lengths to your regimen. It heals micro-scarred hair damaged by heat, chemical, and environmental factors. It restores strength and softness to brittle, angry hair. To top it off, Pureology is 100% Vegan and never ever tests their products on little fur babies. It not only saves your hair but it saves the environment. 


This “genius” product allows me to as Redken says, “Skip the shampoo but not the wash.” My hair gets angry at me since I “bleach” it. I hate washing it because I know I am stripping it of not only the beautiful toner used on it but the natural oils my hair so desperately needs. I personally use the Unruly one for the extra conditioning benefits. You think my thin hair would stick to my head but it is fluffier than ever. It’s a one step gig also making my shower routine quicker. I alternate this and my beloved Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair has never felt better.


This is liquid hair crack. Buyer beware. You will be hooked. It is perfect for all hair types since its lightweight. I know. Lightweight oil. It’s a god darn unicorn. This insanely lightweight oil packs a big punch though. It adds manageability, immense, shine, & heat protection all while reducing drying time. Yup! You heard that right! Reduces drying time! Why did it take so long for this magic potion to come to be? Either way, I am so thankful I have found it now.


This little puppy is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I use it more than water. If your like me and have 5 hairs on your head, you need this in your life! It gives my soft, fine hair the grip it needs to actually do something. And when I tease on top of it, it never moves. I also suggest this to those who have long, thick hair to help defeat the laws of gravity. The powder also soaks up any extra oils meaning you can get away with not shampooing the next day. Big hair & a lazy day! Who wouldn’t take that! 


I prefer high-hold hairsprays and this definately makes the cut. This is an extreme hold hairspray without the crunch. The nozzle allows it to have a more evenly distributed fine mist. It also smells fantastic with hints of orange blossom, jasmine, & sandalwood. Not only will you have a gorgeous hair style that lasts, but your hair will smell of a fabulous perfume.


Lavender is the Holy Grail of Essential Oils in my book. I use it for literally everything. Need calmed down. Lavender. Need sleep. Lavender. Have itchy skin. Lavender. Got a boo-boo. Lavender. Want to freshen up some lemondade. Lavender. Honest to Pete, the list goes on. As I have said before, “When in doubt, use lavender!”


Both me and my husband have been using this for some fertility help, but it also does some other pretty amazing things. It also helps combat depression or plainly makes you feel happier on those gloomy, sad days. It allievates PMS and those dreaded cramps. So not only does it benefit both males and females in relationships because one is not so “witchy”, but it balances both male and female hormonal systems. Hip hip hooray! 


Though we cannot cure stress, we can definately “oil” it away. This blend is a miracle worker to relieve the everyday stress so you can relax, sleep better, and lead a bit more of a happier life. It smells incredible! I like to apply it to my upper chest so I can smell it continuously or I have also been known to literally carry the bottle around smelling it straight. If I could swim in a pool of this, I would. 


Another jack of all trades right here! Shoot! If it didn’t do anything else than smell flippin’ amazing, I would still be obsessed with this. I’m a huge fan of the cinnamon and clove fragrance. But this blend does so much more. It helps protect against colds and flu, soothes sore throats, & heals splinters and bee stings. Young Living also sells Thieves Household Cleaners, Soaps, Lozenges, and Toothpaste. Right now, Thieves Household Cleaner is the only thing I will clean my house with. It smells fanastic and conquers even the messiest, nastiest of jobs. And the FDA just approved the lozenges. I cannot wait to get my hands on those. 


I run out of this all the time. It neutralizes smells and sanitizes. This and Baking Soda is what I scrub my carpets with. My house smells insanely fresh. It doesn’t just mask the stink… It eliminates it. Goodbye cat smells! Goodbye smelly husband smells! And goodbye bugs…. Oh yes! This bottle deters pests and bugs including mosquitoes if you apply a little on your skin. So if I know I am going somewhere outside, I don’t leave home without it. 

I want to know! What are some of your favorite Redken, Pureology, and Young Living products? 

Happy Ever-Finding New Favorites! 

Oil Love (Chapter 3: DIY and Recipes)

I am continuing to share my Oil Love journey with you with Chapter 3: DIY & Recipes. If you would like catch up with my previous Oil Love blogs, click on the links:

Here are some recent concoctions I have been playing around with: 


After 2 days of pains in my stomach, I reluctantly resorted to DiGize. I cannot stand the smell of it. I decided to mix it with Peppermint and applied to directly to stomach. To my surprise, it worked within minutes. It creates this magical cooling, yet hot feeling. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like Icy Hot on my belly. Oddly, my cat also seemed to love the smell. I was laying with a blanket on me and she kept trying to lick though the blanket. But besides my cat going bananas, I am pleasantly surprised of how well this actually works. I’m glad my DiGize bottle won’t be neglected now. 


RC Blend is a god-send when it comes to any sort sinus problems. My poor husband (and all his ailments) suffers from horrible allergies, clogging up his sinuses and making him all stuffy. He’s miserable and I am annoyed by the constant sniffling and groaning. I suggested that he massage RC diluted with a tad bit of Fractionated Coconut Oil for more slip. He applied ample pressure while massaging his sinuses. Within minutes, he felt his sinuses opening up. About 10-15 minutes later, he could breathe again. I would also suggest inhaling some Peppermint Oil to take healing your clogged up nose to the next level. 


I have had 2 stubborn warts on my the bottom of my big toe for years. I called a Podiatrist once and they told me that depending on how deep they were I may need to take a good bit of time off work. Who can afford that for a few darn warts? Not me. Essential Oils to the rescue. Oregano Oil diluted with Coconut Oil or Olive Oil twice a day, dramatically shrunk the warts. It’s taking a bit of time to fully get rid of them, but it is better than getting them removed with a knife and having to be off work. They don’t bother me, so I will be patient. Oregano Oil isn’t the best smelling oil, but I can get past it. Make sure you dilute Oregeno Oil accordingly. It is a “hot” oil. You don’t want to cause a bigger issue than a wart.


I am sure there are many of you who have a significant other has or you yourself have to wear boots to work. This is a breeding ground for fungus. It thrives in the dark, moist, warm environment. My husband’s poor toes suffer greatly. I made a mixture of Thyme & Tea Tree Essential Oils. Buff the the nail first with a cheap file you can throw away immediately then apply one drop on the big toe nail. While wearing gloves, massage it into nail bed. Add one drop more and distribute it to the other affected toe nails. Warning: This stinks to high heaven. I make my husband immediately put on socks, one to mask the smell a bit, and two, to stop any oil getting on my carpets. It seems to be working. Again, it is taking some time, but we have hope. 


Headaches are the worst. I hate taking medicine. I always end up feeling worse or my stomach then becomes upset. When my head is pounding, I have my husband massage PanAway & Copaiba Essential Oils mixed with Fractionated Coconut Oil up and down my neck, especially at the brain stem. I have him go a little hard with the massage and have him do it longer than I am sure he wants to. This calms my headache enough that I can function. It’s better than feeling crappy with medicine and I am obsessed with the root beer-like smell of the PanAway. I am looking forward to trying M-grain Essential Oil. I will be on an order very soon. 


My go-to oil for any Female and/ or Male Specific Condition is Clary Sage. When I have cramps, I rub Clary Sage on my pelvis. I also apply it daily to my pelvis and small of back to help with fertility. My husband uses a blend of Clary Sage and Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oils on the small of his back to help regulate Testosterone Levels and aid in fertility. I plan to mix this with Bergamot Essential Oil with the my next order for both me and my husband. We also just started taking Sclar Essence in Gel Caps. I put about 4 drops in a Gel Cap and we take one each everyday. Sclar Essence helps both the Hormonal and Digestive Systems so it’s a win-win for both me and my husband. 


I’m listing this first in the Beauty part because it also blends well with the Healing segement of this blog as well. If you can get past the initial shock of this routine, it is amazing! I try to do this once a week. I have Lumineers (which cost me a butt load) and I am always nervous a cavity is going to sneak behind them or that the teeth around them will discolor and not match so beautifully. Mix an Tbsp of Non-Hydrogenated, Organic Coconut Oil with a drop of an appropriate essential oil such as the following: 

  • Sweet Orange (my fave): Used as a brightening agent. 
  • Thieves: Used as a deep cleaner to rid your mouth and teeth of bacteria that causes cavities and other problems. 
  • Tea Tree: Used to soothe pain.

Coconut Oil is the jack of all trades. It kills everything to help with the overall health of your mouth and teeth as well as freshen breath and aid in saliva production. Swoosh through mouth for atleast 5 minutes. Getting past the chunk of oil going in your mouth is the hardest part. My gag reflexes have definately kicked in a few times. Try doing this when the oil is soft to help keep the gagging to a minimum. You and your dentist will be amazed at the difference this makes in your mouth. 


I saw nightly only because it is my personal preference to put oil on my face at night because I don’t care for oil under my makeup. I blend Frankincense & Cedarwood in Coconut Oil and massage a small amount into my skin. I also like the idea of doing this at night because it gives it time to soak in before putting sometime else on top of it. My face has never looked better. I hardly ever get a breakout and it helps with those awful wrinkles and fine lines. It helps that Cedarwood smells nice too. 


My husband’s face gets red and flaky when his allergies flare up. His asked if we had a face scrub handy at home. Unfortunately,we did not. But what we did have was an abundance of ingredients to make our own. I found a recipe on Pinterest for a Cooling Cucumber & Mint Face Scrub. I thankfully have my own garden complete with Cumcumbers. The original recipe called for: 1/4 of a Cucumber puréed, 2/3 cups White Sugar, 2 tbsp Coconut Oil, 8 drops Peppermint Essential Oil. I doctored up the recipe by cutting the Peppermint a tad and adding in Lavender & Frankincense Essential Oils. It smells so fresh and feels so cooling on the skin. My husband is quite happy with it. He noticed his face already felt better after 1 use. He hasn’t healed fully, but he is continuing to use it once a day.


So, I am one of those crazy people that start preparing for Christmas in July. You can hate me. I am all about frugality and DIY, so what is better than homemade gifts. Since I fell in love with Essential Oils, I already created a plan for fantastic gifts to give for the holiday. We all know DIY takes time, so might as well start now. The first gift I decided to start with was Homemade Soap. The more I started looking into it, the more I thought I was in over my head with the Lye and all the processes involved. Thankfully for Pinterest (again) and I found a cheater recipe. I took 4 bars of a 100% All Natural Coconut Oil Soap and grated them. I lined my Crock Pot with a liner and put the soap in there. Next, I added 4 Tbsp of liquid. I chose to use Green Tea. I let this melt thoroughly into a creamy, gel-like consistency. I turned off the heat and added sprigs of Lavender and about 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil. I mixed this and then added it to a parchment-paper-lined, square cake pan. (You can also use molds.) I let cool in pan for 24 hours and then cut it into 9 even pieces. I took them out of tray and placed them on a plate to then air dry for another 4 days. After that, I wrapped each one in pretty paper and placed a label sticker on them. My Lavender Green Tea Soaps turned out adorable. I will be sure to share my next chosen flavors of soap. 


Live Your Passion is one of Young Living’s newest additions to their Essential Oil Blends. I add 3-4 drops of Live Your Passion Essential Oil to either unscented lotion or Evening Primrose Oil and rub up and down my arms and over my chest. This oil smells amazing. But not only that, it’s extremely uplifting and allows me to have my game face on at work. Since I work so closely to my guests, I hope the smells allows them to become more present and ready to reach their own dreams.


Roman Chamomile & Lavender Essential Oils diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil or other Carrier Oil is the do-all of skin soothers. Itchy dry skin or eczema, check. Psoriasis, check. Hives, check. Even feline skin issues, check. Just because, check. Forget those thick, chemical filled cortisone creams. This is an amazing blend for just about every skin issue.


My husband has an obsession with pickles. Every year, our garden produces a plethera of cucumbers. I make jars upon jars of pickles. I have tried everything from bread and butter to no-dill, but what I hadn’t tried was Pickles with Essential Oil! Holy hell are the delicious! In 3 Pint Mason Jars, I add 4-5 Cucumbers, sliced. I also evenly distributed 1/2 Onion, chopped small. In each mason jar, add 1 Drop Dill Vitality and a half to full clove of Garlic. On stove, Boil 2 Cups Water and 2 Cups Vinegar with 2 Tbsp Salt. Pour evenly between jars. Tighten lids and leave on counter to cool then place in fridge. These delicious things are ready in about 48 hours. I swirled a toothpick of Black Pepper Essential Oil and added red pepper flakes in one mason jar for some heat. It was also beyond tasty. Do not use any more than 1 drop of Dill per pint jar. These are pickley enough. You must make these for your fellow pickle lovers. These for sure beat the store bought ones!


If you hate plain water like me. Adding 1-2 drops of either of these oils is a must. Not only do you get great tasting water and actually drinking it, but you aren’t adding artificial any things. And to top it off, you adding in so many health benefits. “A drop a day will keep the doctor away.”


Sounds funny right? It’s insanely refreshing! I swear this is the best cool, summer beverage. 


Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is known to help with diabetes, but so doubt it’s helping when you add it to fudge brownies. I added 1 drop of oil to the batter.(Remember: A little goes along way!) I also love adding raisins to my brownies. I took a container to work with me and my coworkers raved about them. (Also try Peppermint or Orange Essential Oils in your brownies.)

Again, Lavender is the jack of all oils. I personally diffuse this everyday in my back room where my 3 kitties hang out. Not only does this calm them and helps with my one cat’s skin ailments, but it also helps mask the litter smell. I can’t get enough to of Lavender. 


I love diffusing this at night right beside my bed. It is so relaxing and allows me to let go of the day’s cares and settle in for a good night’s sleep so I can conquer the next day. 


This is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I wear mine every day. Amazon has an abundance of adorable necklaces to choose from. I chose a pretty standard design in a 2-pack. I add pretty charms every once in awhile to add some pizazz to the piece. So far, my favorite oils to place in my necklace are: 

  • Live Your Passion
  • Sara
  • Sensation

Sensation has been by far my favorite. It’s scent is so alluring and beautiful. It helps with both emotional and sexual feelings. It’s uplifting, allowing me to balance my female energy and become more self aware. 


Plain and simple. Stinky home. Purification. Sick home. Purification. I love it. Period.

I never would have those that little vials of oil would make such an impact in my life. It’s amazing to me now that our society has been trained to think we need medicine after medicine and that every ailment needs a doctor. I’m not saying that we still don’t, however, Essential Oils can save us from so much. If you still don’t believe me, please take a look at Young Living’s Website

If you want to become a Young Living Member and purchase a starter kit featuring their Top Basic Oils, you may do so by purchasing through the website by using my Distributor Number (3904250) in the Enroller and Sponsor ID Section.
You may still purchase oils without becoming a member by choosing the Retail Customer option. But believe you me, becoming a member is worth it.
Now I’m done sounding like a used car salesman. You will believe it when you see it, smell it, and feel it.
I will keep you up-to-date on all my Oil Love endeavors, recipes, and other trials and successes. Please feel free to leave any questions and comments. 

Happy Oiling, Healing, Beautifying, Eating, Drinking, & Diffusing! 

Hair Care When Piggy is Strapped 

Contrary to popular belief, you can have fabulous locks even when your poor piggy bank is strapped. However, there are always stipulations and of course, reality.

Let’s talk haircuts. 

First and foremost, if you keep your hair healthy, the less haircuts you will need. Keep heat to a minimum. Let me tell you this, no one needs to put 450 degrees on their poor hair strands. Whether you have 5 hairs on your head or a mane as thick as a lion, stop it right now. Turn that flat iron down to 350-375 degrees and take smaller sections to heat thoroughly and safely. Sure, it may take you a whopping 10 minutes longer, but your hair won’t be so mad at you. Also, quit the addiction to your hot tools. Listen, it’s okay to let you natural locks free, especially in the summer. But if you must, always use protection. In addition to turning down the heat, use a heat protectant prior to coming at it with a raging hot iron. Redken’s Iron Shape is an incredible option and does not leave a product feel in the hair. A little will go a long way making your hair and wallet very happy.

If you are one to always have your hair in a pony or headband, make sure they are not super tight. They will cut your hair only causing even more damage, splitting the hair where the bands are. Which then, in turn, will only make you think you need to flat iron those fly-always even more, upping the horrific devastation. The war will never be won that way.

Healthy Hair = Less Haircuts = Happy Piggy 

Now, choosing a hair cut style that is congruent with your budget is also important. That trendy undercut or asymmetrical bob will need shaping more often. If you are working with a strapped piggy bank, a smart decision may be to choose a lower maintenance style.

This goes for hair color as well. 

If you have black hair naturally and want to color your hair platinum or you have tons of grey and color your hair dark, obviously your stylist will need to see you much more often, a maximum of every 4 weeks. If you are working on a budget, it would be smart to talk to your stylist on a more wallet-friendly hair color.
Luckily, trends such as ombré and balayage allow you to push appointments farther since these trends already give the illusion of regrowth or “roots”. Or if you are one to receive all-over-color or root-touch-ups as well as highlights in the same visit, think of alternating these services at your appointments. For instance, Visit 1, you receive both services, and at Visit 2, you solely touch-up the regrowth with color. This way you are saving pennies at every other appointment.

Intelligent Choice of Color = Fuller Piggy

It is also paramount to do everything you can to conserve your color between each appointment. If you are not caring for your hair, you can kiss your color and your money goodbye. One will spend tons of money on a professional hair color and then use a cheap drugstore shampoo only stripping it out of their hair. Is this really saving money? Using professional-grade, salon-quality products and keeping heat use to a minimum, you will further safeguard your color.

It starts in the shower. 

Let me reiterate, buying cheap drug store products, especially box color, will NOT save you money. $6 box hair color turn screw up will cost you hundreds of dollars in corrective color at the salon, and those Pantenes and Suaves will cost you more in the amount of color appointments needed.

I will refer you now to a few past blogs I have written regarding these No-Nos before I go into a tangent.

But to sum up quickly, why drugstore products are bad, bad, bad…

They are filled with sulfates (salts), parabens (preservatives), silicones, and to top it off, primarily water. If this sounds bad, it’s because it is. Please read those past blogs.

Drugstore Products = BAD NEWS = Sad Hair and an even Sadder Piggy

Sure, professional-grade, salon-quality products may cost you more initially, but they will last you longer, save the integrity of your hair, and lengthen the lifespan of your color. Pureology, for example, prides themselves on being 100% vegan, containing zero-sulfates, anti-fade complexes, and very little water, lasting 60 shampoos. Now that sounds incredible, right?

Professional Products = Happy Hair = Pleased Piggy

I can hear you saying… But I still can’t afford it!

Okay, let’s think on this. Your hair is the accessory you never take off, your forever crown, and not to mention what people see when they, in fact, look at your face. I understand we all have our vices, some it may be shoes or handbags that we throw on the disgusting bathroom floor. There is no judgement here, but think about it. Maybe it’s okay to spend a little bit more to one, have your hair done correctly, and two, that suits you and your bank account best.

It is always important to keep in check with reality. Make sure you have realistic expectations with your hair that match your financials. And for heaven’s sake, care for your hair like you would a newborn child.

Questions and Comments are always welcome. Please stay tuned for next blog on holistic avenues in hair products. (This does not mean substitutes, but more as in new additions to your now fantastic routine.)
Happy Savings! 

The Adventures of Megan’s Hair

Megan has always been that client who comes in and says, “Same thing”. We always have touched up her regrowth with lightener and toned her a beautiful platinum blonde.

Then, Megan came to me at one of her appointments and told me she was ready for a change and perhaps at her next appointment she would “change it up”. The weeks following I kept thinking “Oh, she’ll want lowlights” or “Maybe she’ll want ombre”.

Nope. Dead wrong.

Megan came to that appointment with a Pinterest picture of this girl with flowing locks of magenta and purple hair. Needless to say I was shocked and that’s an understatement. I mean I was super excited and all but I am so partial to my blondes.

But we did it.


I am so thankful she was already blonde as blonde can be. It makes fashion colors so much more vivid and I didn’t have to go through the tedious process of lightening and lightening and lightening.

So let me tell you how this look was achieved.

At the base/ regrowth area, we decided to make it darker in a sort of a shadow root type look. I used a 3vv in Redken Chromatics with 20 volume oil developer.

Everything above the ocipital bone, I used Joico Magenta. Underneath, I pulled through Pravana Vivids Purple.

What can I say? It was perfect. She loved it. I loved it. I mean who wouldn’t love this?


Let’s just say Megan is the perfect client. She actually listened when I told her how to care for her hair color. She did not shampoo everyday. Shampooing everyday will only strip out the color no matter if you use color-safe or not. Dry Shampoo became her best friend. When she did shampoo, she focused on the hair near the scalp and rinsed with cold water. It’s not fun, but it works. Hot water opens the cuticle of the hair and allows the color to escape.

When Megan came back 6 weeks later, it was nearly perfect! It was amazing. I touched up maybe 3 pieces of hair that faded slightly and touched up her regrowth area.

Another 6 weeks later….. Again nearly perfect! But Megan wanted a change.

We decided to add some dimension to the pink. IMG_1755[1]

I balayaged some lightener with 20 volume through the magenta and it lifted within 10 minutes. I then covered those pieces including some of the original magenta with Pravana Vivid Pink with some Pravana Neon Pink mixed in.

When I didn’t think this could get any prettier, it did!


We were tickled pink….literally.

Six weeks later, Megan was ready for another change. And again, not what I was expecting. Megan wanted to be blonde again, as blonde as she could get. Now, thankfully Megan understood that it could be a process. Thank goodness. One has to understand that when you want to go from vivid fashion colors to a sense of normalcy, nothing is guaranteed.

But I never turn down a challenge.

So now, this is where the fun begins.

For about a week prior to her appointment, Megan shampooed her hair really well and was finally able to use hot water figuring we wanted to fade it now as much as we could.

This is what it looked like when she came in…


So now, the party started.

Thankfully, I recently discovered Malibu Direct Dye Lifter. It took 2 packets and literally 20 minutes to achieve the impossible.

Malibu Direct Dye Lifter is Mind Blowing! We were both literally beyond amazed by how it lifted right out. Now, we were close but no cigar. The root area was red orange and the blonde lacked luster.

This is when my skills were tested. Counteracting red is the hardest thing any hairstylist does. Red is the devil. At first I applied 6na mixed with 8p Redken Chromatics Ultra Rich with 20 volume oil developer and brought down 8gn Redken Shades Eq Gloss over the orange-like areas and processed for 20 minutes.

Nope. Not good enough. I could have let her go, but I am a control freak and a perfectionist and I knew I could do better.

Next, I decided to do a partial highlight feathering the lightener near the root but not on it. Between the foils and through the back I used 8na Redken Chromatics Ulra Rich mixed with Green Chromatics Remixed. Yes, Green. Straight Green. Scary, right? At this point, I was bound to try anything to make it as perfect as it could be.

She processed under a dryer for 15-20 minutes until the highlights were light enough to tone properly. I toned the top half of her hair with 7v Redken Shades Eq Gloss and the bright blonde with 9t Redken Shades Eq Gloss and………

BAM! Perfection.IMG_2066[1]Both of us were thrilled with the results. And my favorite part was an accident. Through the midshaft is was slightly darker due to the 7v Redken Shades Eq Gloss overlapping onto the blonde. But hey, what a nice surprise!

Yup, Megan and I achieved the impossible in just ONE visit.

IMG_2092[1]Here’s where I add a disclaimer…….

Megan was willing to spend the time and money it would take her to get to as close to the desired look she wanted. It took a little over 4 hours and a decent amount of money due to the number of services it took to achieve this. Now, not all heads are made the same. When it comes to a corrective color and/or removing fashion colors, nothing is guaranteed. I have been calling this the Holy Grail of Corrective Color. Nearly everything worked out in our favor. That may be not the same for everyone.

Remember kids, do not try this at home. It is worth every penny to go to a skilled and talented hair stylist. Your hair is the accessory you wear everyday. Do it right the first time and you will actually save money.

And….. I’m sure Megan’s Hair Adventures have just started.