When the Weather (not the hair) is Frightful

Blah... it's winter. While the season is perfect to get comfortable with a cup of hot cocoa, Netflix, & your cat, you can’t ignore the fact that the dry, dreary, plain yucky weather can wreak havoc on your hair. Don't fret! There are plenty of ways you can protect your hair from the dreaded weather. … Continue reading When the Weather (not the hair) is Frightful


Oil Love (The Holiday Edition) 

Happy Holiday Lovelies! It's my most favorite time of year. This is year is even better because of my new found love for Young Living Essential Oils! There are so many recipes I am dying to share as a little gift to you.Diffuser Recipes:  Holiday Rush: (Get your energy flowing for all the shopping, wrapping, … Continue reading Oil Love (The Holiday Edition)