Oil Love (Chapter 2)

I’ve been experimenting more and more with essential oils and obviously have fallen more and more in love with them. And guess what? So has my husband.

I thought I would share the essential oils I have in their own special cabinet and what I personally use them for.

Here is what I have been playing around with:

1. Vetiver

  • I apply it to my husband’s bottom of foot, below the toes, to stop snoring.

2. RC

  • When my husband is extra stuffy, we apply it to his chest to help even more with his breathing.

3. Lavender and Roman Chamomile diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • I use this magic blend to help calm and hopefully cure what I think is Mange on my poor feline baby. 
  • I apply it on the affected areas once a day and comb her to massage it in. 
  • It kills infection and suffocates any bugs that may be living in the skin.
  • It’s also very calming and seems to help her itch less.

4. Clary Sage

  • When rubbed on my husband’s small of back and my lower back and abdomen as well, it helps balance both of our hormones. 
  • We add Idaho Blue Spruce to my husband’s customized blend to help boost his testosterone level. 

5. Stress Away

  • This is my husband’s new-found favorite! 
  • He applies it to his temples and wrists before bed to relax and wind down from the day’s work load. 
  • I love diffusing this right next to my bedside. I sleep like a baby.

6. Sensation

  • I use it in my diffusing necklace practically everyday. It’s uplifting and smells so perfume-like.
  •  Makes me happy and I can relish in the present moment.

7. PanAway

  • I massage this oil with a little of Fractionated Coconut Oil up and down my sciatic nerve when my right leg feels numb at night. 
  • When rubbed on temples, it helps when I am having a mild tension headache. 

8. Citrus Fresh

  • I apply it to heart and wrists when I feel sad or blue. 
  • A drop in a bottle of water actually makes me want to drink the water. It tastes delicious.

9. Sara

  • I bought this especially for my mother, but I now have found a love for this when dealing with the unavoidable family drama. When it is stressful or, what I like to call it , WWIII, we apply this over our specific energy centers or temples.

10. Tea Tree and Frankincense with Coconut Oil

  • I apply this directly to a blemish at night, and viola, it is practically gone in morning. 

11. Peppermint and Lavender with Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • Occasionally I have a reaction to UV light and the rash is red and itchy. I apply this mixture over the affected areas to calm the skin and relieve the itching. 

12. Purification

  • One of my absolute favorites! 
  • I put a drop in my dishwasher when it starts to smell. 
  • To scrub my carpets, I mix 3 drops Purification, 2 Tbsp Baking Soda, and water. My carpets never looked so clean nor smelled so fresh.
  • It also keeps bugs away. It will kill any bugs in my carpets from my poor sick kitty. 
  • It repels pesky mosquitoes when applied to skin.
  • When diffused, it rids my house of cooking or cat smells or just plain old stale air. 

13. Thieves

  • Now, THIS is my all time favorite! 
  • Thieves Cleaner is the most fantastic product I have ever encountered. It smells incredible and is chemical free. I use it to clean everything! 
  • I used one drop in water to clean fresh picked berries. When they are used in a pie, you can taste the cinnamon and clove. Though my pies are never pretty, it tasted amazing! 
  • A drop of Thieves in tea or coffee is not only delicious but helps make one feel better. It almost warms your insides. 

All of the above are tried and true for me. There are a few experiments that haven’t worked out so well for me however. Remember, everyone reacts differently to certain essential oils. You will find what works for you.

1. Peppermint- I have found that I cannot diffuse this. I will literally eat everything but the kitchen sink. I don’t know if it’s the sweet smell of it, but it makes me incredibly hungry. 

Though, when mixed in Aloe Vera gel, it is very cooling to sun burned skin.

2. Sclar Essence and DiGize- These, for me, can only be taken in a gel capsule. The smells of these two oils are not very pleasing… at all. 

3. AnimalScents Infect Away- My cat and I hate the way it smells. Not only that, I found we had better success with my own Roman Chamomile and Lavender blend. 

My next order, I am super excited to try out The Culinary Collection and Live Your Passion. 

Please stay tuned for my next chapter in my Oil Love Journey.

Happy Oiling! 


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