No-Poo for You

What the heck is No-Poo? Other than being the greatest thing on the market since sliced bread, No-Poos are a must-have addition to your hair care routine.

These little miracles are also known as Cleansing Conditioners, No-Foam or Low-Foam Shampoos, or Co-Washes. I, however, prefer the term No-Poo. It’s way more fun to say. 

We have all heard of the company Wen. It is true that they were one of the first to introduce the No-Poos to the world but then, horrifically, consumers’ hair started to fall out. Eeks. I was never a fan of Wen because it was essentially formulated for solely one hair type. You either loved it or hated it. And c’mon! It had an infomercial. 

My favorite No-Poo on the market is Redken’s Genius Wash. There are 3 different conditioning levels within the line: Medium, Coarse, and Unruly. 

First, let us find your Genius…

Now that you know the correct Genius Wash for your hair needs, what the heck do you do? 

  • Step 1: Wet hair thoroughly. 
  • Step 2: Use about 7-10 pumps and apply evenly from root to ends. 
  • Step 3: Leave product on for 3-5 minutes.
  • Step 4: Rinse thoroughly. 
  • Step 5: Voila! Done.
  • Step 6: Style hair. 

That’s right! No seperate shampooing or conditioning. 

It takes two to tango. Redken’s Genius Wash is meant to work ingeniously with your shampoo. For instance, if you have dry or unruly hair, substitute a shampoo with a No-Poo every other or every 2 washes. For normal or fine hair, only substitute with a No-Poo every other shampoo or less. 

I know some of you are thinking… “OMG! I cannot NOT shampoo my hair!” Or “This will weigh my hair down!”


I was the biggest skeptic in the world. I loved my bubbles. And of course I was terrified it would weigh my hair down. I have like 5 hairs on my head. Boy! I was wrong.

My hair never felt softer, never looked shinier, and was fluffier than ever.

Well, I was sold. 

My normal routine is:

  • Day 1: Shampoo 
  • Day 2: Nothing
  • Day 3: No-Poo
  • Day 4: Nothing 
  • Day 5: Repeat Pattern

My routine may not be for you. Adjust for your specific needs. 

No-Poos are exceptionally great for those of you with rainbow colored, mermaid hair. I know you shed a tear when you see rainbow colored bubbles and see rainbow colored water rinse from your mermaid locks every time you shower. Get yourself a No-Poo. Instead of sudsing out the color, you will be conditioning it in as well as cleaning your hair. 

Do you have curly, frizzy, fro-like hair? No-Poos are for you! 

Do you have greasy, fine, or lifeless hair? Yes! No-Poos are for you too! 

Ladies, we do NOT have to shampoo our hair every day! Even with the best shampoos, you will strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils causing either excessive dryiness or more oiliness due to your sebaceous glands over compensating. 

Please refer to my previous blog Do You Wash Your Hair Correctly? for more information and tips and tricks for proper shampooing. 

Try a No-Poo! You won’t be disappointed! 

Happy No-Pooing! 


Oil Love (Chapter 1) 

I know in this blog I normally talk only of hair and makeup. But, my new-found love of essential oils is worth sharing.

We have all heard about essential oils, especially with companies like Young Living (my personal favorite) becoming more and more of a household name.

Now, if you usually are a skeptic like me, you have probably already stopped reading and now went on to YouTubing cat videos. But if I still have you, I am telling you this IS a must-read.

Why did I turn to Essential Oils? 

I needed to find something to stop my husband from snoring or I would have to resort to smothering him with a pillow. And he was about to receive a CPAP machine, and soon I would be sleeping next to Bane. See the problem?

I was desperate. Thankfully a cousin of mine has been using Essential Oils for some time now and held a hands-on party. I sat there and listened to an overwhelming amount of information and smelled enough Essential Oils that I think I left there feeling relaxed yet energized. There are over 100 Essential Oils (at least) and numerous Blends. I think, honestly, that is what sold me. There was so much more to know, to try, and to have. It was beyond fascinating.  I listened to success stories from her and other family members and friends. Yup, I was sold! 

How did I start?

My suggestion to you would be… Start Small. Start off choosing one ailment to reconcile first and go from there.

Mine was my husband’s snoring. It was an ailment for the both of us.

We first used 1 drop of Vetiver massaged onto his big toe. Sound ridiculous, right? Well, I will tell you that his breathing was much better. There were still a few deeper breathing sounds, not necessarily snoring but more like he was still struggling. The second night, we added RC Blend mixed with Fractionated Coconut Oil and massaged that onto his chest and switch the Vetiver from the big toe to the pad right underneath of his toes. Guess what? It was a miracle! No snoring, no heavy breathing, and he didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. After a few nights of doing this, he even told me that he too was a believer. He’s the biggest skeptic in the world, so that definitely says something.

But what else could I fix? 

I have a 3 cats, one who has been struggling with skin issues for the past 2+ years. I had tried everything including countless drugs, supplements, and changing to hypoallergenic everything (including solely cleaning my house with stinky vinegar). I had opinions for 5 vets and had treated her for allergies of almost all kinds. She received countless steroid shots, antibiotics, and even an immuno-suppressant. Not only was I 2 grand deep in vet bills, but she was forced to live in an e-collar for the majority of this time.

At the time that my fur baby was on the harsh immuno-suppressant, I was also told to treat her for Mange. After treating her once a week for 3 weeks and noticing even more hair loss and scabbing, I did more research. When a cat has a weakened immune system, Mites and Mange will wreck havoc. So let me get this straight… I am suppressing her immune system AND expecting her to be cured of Mange? Something wasn’t right there.

She was miserable. I was miserable. My husband was miserable because I was miserable. It was not a happy home.

I stopped the immuno-suppressant immediately and the harsh chemical bug killer, and resorted to Essential Oils.

Now, cats are extremely sensitive to Essential Oils and a lot of them are toxic to them. I did extensive research and finally found a DIY Blend that I thought would be safe and hopefully effective.

I mixed 1 drop Lavendar and 1 drop Roman Chamomile with about 25-30 drops of Fractionated Coconut Oil to heavily dilute the blend for safety purposes. I rubbed this on all affected areas once a day. After about a week, her itching subsided, her skin started to return to a healthy pinkish-white, and the scabs started to heal. She became less lethargic and came out to see us more. Needless to say, my hope is restored in her recovery.

Though she is not fully healed nor cured yet, I am for sure continuing this treatment. And it doesn’t hurt that she smells fantastic.

I have also switched cleaning with vinegar to cleaning with Young Living Thieves Cleaner. This too is an all natural cleaning alternative and… OMG! It smells amazing! The smell of Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary is way better than sour, bitter, and down right stinky vinegar cleaner.

Are you a believer yet?

You can find out more information on Young Living Essential Oils by visiting their website:

If you want to become a Young Living Member and purchase a starter kit featuring their Top Basic Oils, you may do so by purchasing through the website by using my Distributor Number (3904250) in the Enroller and Sponsor ID Section.

You may still purchase oils without becoming a member by choosing the Retail Customer option. But believe you me, becoming a member is worth it.

Now I’m done sounding like a used car salesman. You will believe it when you see it, smell it, and feel it.

I will continue to share my Oil Love stories which if I haven’t grabbed you now… I will later.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2.

Happy Oiling!