The Art of the Eyebrow

So I have had tons of requests to write a column on achieving the perfect brow. First things first, let’s talk about what’s trending with the brow. 

1. Thick Brows

Natural looking brows is the way to go. No one wants pencil this eyebrows anymore. So, put the tweezers down ladies. Over plucking is now not attractive and can cause serious problems. Going overboard on the tweezing may eventually lead to problems with the hair growth. But this leads me to another point: We don’t want wholly mammoths on our face either. So how do we know when we’ve crossed the line? Here is a diagram to help you figure out where the natural brow should be:


The brow should start no further in than the inner corner of your eye. Go to far towards the nose and you are bordering uni-brow. The arch should start in the middle of eye and from a slight angle from the corner of nose. And the eyebrow should stop at a 45 degree angle from the outer corner of your eye and it needs to stay in line with the start of the brow.

The proper shaping will create the best look. Teeter from this and you may be walking around with an unwanted look of emotion.

2. Coloring In Your Brows

This does not mean draw them on. Less is more ladies. Find the color and the type of  product that will work best for you. You can use a pencil, shadow, or cream. Do you have unruly brows? A cream may work best for you to keep them tamed. Are your eyebrows light? A shadow will create a more natural, softer look? Pencils works for all eyebrow types; however, use sparingly and lighting brush the pencil over the brow so no harsh lines are created.

Find the perfect shade can be a daunting task. My suggestion would be start of slightly lighter than what you think your eyebrow color is. Any shading to them will automatically make them appear darker.

As I always say, “Practice makes perfect!” Will you get them perfect the first go-around? Maybe not. That is the beauty of makeup. It comes off. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.


1. Start with a clean brow. Use a brush to tame the unruly hairs.

2. Prime the eyebrow with your foundation. 

3. Use your pencil, cream, or shadow to draw your guideline, following your natural shape. 

4. Lightly create your top line and softly blend and color in the brow. 

5. Use an opaque concealer to define a crisp outline below the brow.

6. Use a concealer or your foundation to outline the top.

7. Blend the lines out on both top and bottom.

8. Finish by dusting a setting power over top to set the brows so you don’t lose them by the end of the day. 

Our eyebrows are what creates our emotions. They can strengthen your look. Keep them natural and all will be right in the world.

Find a good stylist or brow artist to create the initial look for you. You can keep up with them on your own. But again, beware of overdoing it. Regularly see your stylist for proper upkeep with the shape.

Happy Browing!