Makeup Trends That Need To Die


We have all seen them and done them; makeup tragedies. Breaking up is hard to do even when the relationship is no good for us. Case in point: Bad makeup trends are the equivalent to 2 am drunk texts to a past lover. We keep going back to them even though everyone around us is thinking, “What is she doing!?”

Here are makeup trends that we need to just let go and accept the closure. Believe me, you will be happier without them:

1. Talon Nails
Honey, claws are not attractive. Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Your nails should be sassy yet functional not a safety hazard.

2. Over Plucked Eyebrows
Are you a villain? Are you always surprised or mad? No? Then stop looking like it. Keep your eyebrows natural looking and only slightly arched. There is a fine line between furry caterpillars and nonexistent. Stay within the boundaries. And please, please, PLEASE use the correct color eyebrow pencil or shadow! You are not in clown school.

3. Frosty Lips
Do you really want to look like you have hyperthermia? Too light of lipstick is wrong on so many accounts. It makes your teeth look yellow and your skin corpse like. Your lips should look delectable, not dead.

4. Bronzer Overload
Need I say more? Oompa Loompa face is not sexy. Know when enough is enough. Your skin should look sun-kissed not like you bathed in carrot juice. And when your face color does not match the rest of your body, you’ve gone too far. Plus, your honey will be happy when his white shirts are no longer stained from your face.

5. Tarantula Lashes
Lashes should only be lengthened and accentuated not like you have spiders crawling on your eyes. Two coats of mascara is enough. Keep false eyelashes as natural looking as possible. Try only applying them to only the outer corners. If you have a hard time opening your eyes after blinking, you are doing it wrong.

6. Smokey Eyes for Beginners
I get it. Practice makes perfect. But please don’t go out in public with a trial run. Unblended shadows end up looking like you got lazy or just plainly forgot to finish. It is almost as bad as Grandma forgetting that her curlers are in. Get professional help. The worst thing ever is to walk into a club looking like a raccoon that got punched in the face.

7. Guy-Liner
I don’t care how sexy Pete Wentz is, guy-liner is a no-go! First off, the 80s are dead. Secondly, I don’t want my boyfriend stealing my liner nor hogging the mirror. You are supposed to be manly men. Leave the makeup to the ladies.

8. Traced On Lips
You should not look like a comic book character. Keep your lip liners either nude or in the same shade as your lipstick. Lip liner is designed to make it easier for you to apply your lipstick in it’s designated place and to keep lipstick from bleeding out. It is not supposed to be an added “look”.

9. Heavily Lined Eyes
Whether it be black, blue, brown, or white liner, don’t have a heavy hand. Keep lower liner to only the water line and lash line on the upper lid. Lightly smudge. And white liner is NEVER a good idea. So just stop. People should not think you have been recently crying, that or a crazy person.

10. Snow White Shadow To Your Brows
Use white shadow sparingly. Your eye lids should not glow in the dark. Keep a light, shimmery shadow to the inner corners of your eyes and a minimal amount near your brow. It should not be cakey nor does it need to be white as snow.

So just break up with these terrible makeup trends already. Sometimes you just have to let go. Remember makeup is made to accentuate you and bring out your best assets, If you over do it, you lose all of that.

Stay Beautiful…. And Natural!


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