Undertones De-Mystified


We all know there are different skin tones. It is easy to figure out if you are fair, medium, dark or olive skin tone. However, two fair toned women may not be able to wear the same colors in clothing, makeup, and hair. Why? They have different undertones.

What in the world is an undertone? Your undertone is the color beneath your skin. You can think of it as a sort of shadow that reflects a certain color onto you. It is commonly confused with your skin tone. However, your skin tone can change with seasons. Your undertone never will.

We cannot properly choose makeup nor hair color without knowing what your undertone is.


Undertones are labeled as:
Cool (pink, red, or blueish tones)
Warm (yellow or golden tones)
Neutral (mix of both cool and warm tones)

It is a common misconception that all fair skinned people are cool and all tan people are warm. That is not the case. Though, olive skin tones are labeled primarily neutral.

How do you figure out what your undertone is? There are a few simple questions you can ask yourself and a few experiments you can do to figure this out.

1. Look at the vein inside of your wrist. Do you see a blue-green tone or a blue-purple tone? If you see a blue-green tone, you are warm. If you see a blue-purple tone, you are cool.

2. What color jewelry do you look better in? If you look better in gold, you are warm. Silver jewelry compliments cool.

3. Take of all makeup off and sit for 15 minutes until blood vessels are calmed. Look at yourself in the mirror and hold a white sheet of paper up to your cheek. What color is projected onto the paper? Do you see golds or grays?

4. Think of what colors of clothing or hair that you get complimented most on. Is it when you wear cooler or warmer shades? Take polls from friends, family, or coworkers if you have to.

We all have put clothes or makeup on and have had hair colors that wash us out. Now you know why. You are wearing colors that counteract the undertone of your skin. Makeup can look ashy, hair can look drab if they are cooler and you are a warm skin tone. Once you have discovered your skin’s undertones, you can then choose the right colors for you.

Lucky for you, I have compiled a little cheat sheet for you.


Hair Color:
If you are a warm skin tone, keep with golden blondes, honey browns, or coppers. If you are a cooler shade, choose ash blondes, chocolate browns, or mahoganies.

If you have a pink-blue cool undertone, choose a foundation that is neutral or pink based. If you are golden or peach based, you should wear a yellow or peach tone foundation.

Lip Color:
Neutral undertones are lucky. They can wear almost all nude, pink, or red shades. Cool undertones should stick with nude, mauve, plum, or berry. Warmer undertones should choose coral, honey, or red.

Please note: If you love having a certain hair color, wearing a certain color, or applying a I-can’t-live-without lip color, go for it! If you love it, flaunt it.

Fun Fact:
Teal flatters ALL skin tones and undertone! Find a fabulous blouse in this fun jewel tone and get noticed!


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