Give Me That Va-Va-Voom


We all want volume! Whether you want your hair to have a little bit of life or, let me put this bluntly, sex kitten hair, we all want volume. Let me just tell you, I’m the queen of fluff. I can poof it and tease it with the best of them. I have found a few amazing products and techniques that can achieve va-va-voom for even the most challenged at doing their own hair.

Start with a volumizing product before you even blow dry. For all hair types, I am in love with Wella Root Shoot. Spray at roots to give them lift or all over to add thickness to the entire hair shaft. If you have finer hair, use Root Shoot at the roots in conjunction with Beauty & Pin-ups Linger to make your hair double in thickness and volume. Wella Body Crafter or Sugar Liftb also are fabulous products for finer to medium-thickness hair to add airy volume.

Blow dry your hair upside down and/or in the opposite direction than you wear it. This will help your hair defy gravity. Be sure to use your fingers to break up any excess product you may have in certain areas or it may end up feeling crispy. If you are talented enough, use a round brush at the crown of your head and use the cool button on your tool to seal it in place.

Once dry, style as desired.

My absolute favorite product of all time is PuffMe Powder Texturizer. It is seriously “magic fairy dust”. Apply Powder sparingly to the roots at the crown of your head and rub in with fingers. A little bit goes a long way. Powder provides a gritty feeling to the hair You will surely know when you use too much.

If you tease on top of the Powder, you are in business. Take a small section of hair around your part and leave out. Take small section below this, hold the hair taught, and back comb with either a comb or teasing brush. Repeat this for a few more smaller sections down. Lay the small section of hair you left out over the ratting of the back comb and lightly smooth the hair with the comb or brush. Tease more at first, you can smooth it after.

Finish the look with hairspray. Try Beauty & Pin-ups Fierce. It is a light weight but super powerful aerosol. No matter the type of hold you like, you will love Fierce! Be sure to mist hairspray 12 inches away from your head to avoid over depositing. It smells amazing too!

You can refresh your style throughout the day or even the next with Beauty & Pin-Ups Stay Dirt. It is a matte finisher/ dry shampoo that adds tons of volume. It can be used as both a restyler and dry shampoo. Turn your head upside down and spray Stay Dirty for extra va-va-voom. It has a fabulous smell too. Anyone next to you are guaranteed to smell your head.

All it takes is using a few amazing products and utilizing some simple techniques and volume can be easily achieved. Talk to your stylist about the take-home products you need and remember to support your salon. No product is guaranteed unless purchased from a professional.

Happy Fluffing!


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