Lets Talk About Makeup

Makeup is a way for a woman can look and feel herself, only prettier and more confident. -Bobbi Brown


Makeup is meant to accentuate your best features. The best advice I can give you is play around. We did it as kids grabbing our mothers’ blue eyeshadow and the pinkest of pink blush (which we now know are hideous). Find out what works for you and learn where the boundary lies when you end up looking like a clown.

Your face is a canvas and you have the ability to create a work of art even with the most minimal of skills. Have patience and don’t give up so easily. Sometimes its just getting a handle on the dexterity. You are not hopeless.

There are a few key points, no matter how much makeup you wear or plan on wearing, that every woman should know.

  • Blend your foundation. We all know that one person who at all times has that orange line right under their chin. Even if you like wearing a foundation one shade darker than your skin tone, blend it down onto your neck. If you hate liquid foundation, try a mineral powder foundation.It will conceal and even skin tone without feeling heavy.
  • Apply foundation to your eyelids to act a primer. Your eyeshadow will go on a lot smoother and any redness will be diminished.
  • Do not over do it on the bronzer. Bronzer is meant to give you a sunkissed look, meaning bronzer should only be applied to areas the sun would hit (upper forehead, nose, cheekbones, and middle of chin if it slightly protrudes.) We all don’t need to look like Snookie.
  • Keep shimmer to one area. If you want your eyes to stand out, bring on the shimmer, but keep your face matte. If you want your skin to look dewy, keep your eyes to a flat shadow and mandatory mascara.
  • Pick one feature. Bold smokey eyes belong with a nude or more natural color lip. A bright or dark lip should be accompanied by a softer eye. This is where its easy to overdo it. Less is more.
  • Mascara is a must. No matter how much makeup you wear mascara should always be a staple. It will make your eyes pop and keep you from looking tired. Do not over apply or your lashes will end up looking like spider legs, and I don’t mean like Daddy Long Legs either. If you are trying to widen your eyes, only apply to the top lashes. Don’t be afraid to use the tip of the applicator to get to the tiny lashes in the corner of your eye. Be mindful to clean any excess product off the tip so it doesn’t clump.
  • Shape those eyebrows.Your eyebrows are directly above your eyes. People look into your eyes when they talk to you and your fur balls are right there. Pluck or wax them regularly. And have the correct shape. Whether you like them thin (not thread size) or thick (not furry caterpillars), have the correct shape. Have them start no further towards the eyes than the edges of your nose. The arch should be around the center of the eye. Keep it natural and not to harsh or you will just look mean or surprised all the time. And don’t cut them too short. The eyebrow should end no shorter than the corner of the eye.
  • Penciling the eyebrow in is a new found trend. Not everyone needs to be doing it, but if you must, don’t over do it. Use the correct product. Figure out if you should be using a pencil or a powder. A pencil should be used only when your eyebrows are extremely sparse. That doesn’t mean you draw them on though. Feather the pencil while filling them in. And please, use the correct color.
  • Your lips, with or without color, should always be moisturized. People tend to forget your lips are skin too. It is extremely thin and sensitive skin. Keep them hydrated. It will keep them soft, supple, and ageless. No one likes kissing crack lips.

These are just a few Makeup 101 Basics. These are all easily doable but even the most challenged. Again, play, practice and just have fun.

Happy Playing!


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