#1 Hair Rule

Friends Never Let Friends Buy Drugstore Hair Products.

Please stop trying to save money buying drugstore brand hair products. I will tell you why…

  1. You spend 100s of dollars on your color and cut. Using cheap products will only strip that beautiful color right out. Would you wash your designer duds in dish soap? Salon products use gentler cleansers and have more, nonetheless, better ingredients to achieve results,
  2. Drugstore products’ number 1 ingredient is agua… Water. Salon products are highly concentrated which means you get to use less which means you get to buy less. So essentially, you are spending the same amount of money but using a better product.
  3. GO GREEN! Brands like Pureology are 100% Vegan and packaged in recycled bottles. Cheap drugstore brands use less plastic and paper from recycled sources. And since you are buying those products more often than you would a salon brand, they are taking over landfills, Don’t leave your carbon footprint behind with cheap hair care.
  4. There Is No Guarantee. Salon products are guaranteed only when bought in a professional salon. The salon knows the shelf life, knows the ingredients, and have adopted that product as its brand. Do not get fooled by the Big Sexy on Walmart’s shelf. Guess what? Its priced the same way it is in a salon and there is No Guarantee.
  5. Every time we style your hair you gleam and tell us you wish you could take us home with you. As much as we would like to think we create miracles, we don’t. We use the correct products to prep and finish your style. Your first step should be use everything we used on you to recreate the look. Our hairspray may give your voluminous, soft waves a strong hold but cheap hairspray may give you sticky, soon-to-be flat helmet head. (Not only that, the alcohol content in cheap hairspray will dry your hair out and cause it to be frazzled,)
  6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST… Support your salon! If you love your stylist, your salon, and your hair, reinvest. Buying products from the salon helps the stylists be able to continue their education to better serve you. You can also feel good that you are supporting a small business if its a privately owned salon. Support the economy as well.

Now toss out Pantene, Pert, & Suave. Save your hair. And support your salon.


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